For geneologists, historians and other researchers, Temple Lodge, No. 33 is making its Historic Membership Lists available online for research purposes. Please note that we will be maintaining a time gap of at least 50 years between the present day and the Historic Membership List information we put online. This is to comply with current privacy legislation.

Also note that although we have many links on these pages to more information on many of our historic Brethren, we do not have links to further information on all individual names. We simply have not yet had time to do the research required to make individual pages for each of these Brethren, but that will come over time. We will be adding more links to individual names as we do more research.

In the meantime, you may want to see the links to individual names on the pages we are replacing. You can access these pages here.

We have a separate page for each decade. Here are links to our Temple Lodge, No.33 Historic Membership Lists by decade:

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