The Temple Lodge No. 33 Officers for April 2018 – April 2019 are:


Worshipful Master: W.B. Ian Pirie

Immediate Past Master:  R.W.B. Tom Tams

Senior Warden: V.W.B. David Blake

Junior Warden: Bro. Tim Brown

Treasurer: W.B. Art Graff

Secretary: R.W.B. Tom Tams

Director of Ceremonies: W.B. Mark Anderson

Senior Deacon: Bro. Harry Down

Junior Deacon: Bro. Brad Galavan

Chaplain: R.W.B. George Kilvington

Director of Music: Bro. Jack McNeil

Senior Steward: Bro. Lawrence Lampson

Junior Steward: Bro. Andy Cooper

Inner Guard: Bro. Dan Ferguson

Tyler: Bro. Michael Webster

Historian: W.B. Mark Anderson

Education Officer: R.W.B. Dick Nesbitt



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