We frequently get questions from Masons about where they can get Masonic jewelry – rings, for example – and formal clothing suitable for Lodge meetings.

Here are some sources we recommend:

Formal Clothing For Lodge Meetings

Capital City Tuxedo Rentals, 626 Courtney Street, Victoria, B.C.

Capital City Tuxedo Rentals is owned by Sid Ezzeddine, a member of the Craft. Although the business name suggests it only does rentals, this business also sells formal wear.

Here is a link to Capital City Tuxedo Rentals’ website

Masonic Jewelry

Bastion Jewellers, 143 Commercial Street, Nanaimo, B.C.

Bastion Jewellers is owned by Bill Carter, a Past Master of Doric Lodge No. 18 in Nanaimo. B.C.  He often has Masonic jewelry from estate sales in stock.

Here is a link to Bastion Jewellers’ website.

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