Temple Lodge No. 33, A.F. & A.M., has a long, honourable and influential history in Duncan and the surrounding Cowichan Valley. Many members have been prominent in local business and there are several well known buildings in downtown Duncan built originally as the business premises of Temple Lodge. No.33 members.

Other members have been active in local politics. It can be safely said that members of Temple Lodge, No. 33 were instrumental in getting the City of Duncan incorporated in 1912. Eight members of Temple Lodge (and a total of ten Freemasons) have served as Mayor of Duncan. Four of our members have served as Reeve (Mayor) of the District of North Cowichan. Other members have served on the City of Duncan municipal council and District of North Cowichan municipal and district councils. Four Temple Lodge, No.33 members have served in the Provincial Legislature. One of our members served as a Member of Parliament.

Temple Lodge, No.33 members have served in law enforcement and in Canada’s military. Four of our members died in Canada’s military service during World War 1.

For those interested in local history and how Freemasons have figured in local history, we have included pages on, and links to, the following topics:

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Temple Lodge, No. 33 Historic Membership Lists from 1899 – 1965

To avoid any potential conflicts with current privacy legislation we are presently maintaining a fifty year time gap in the Historic Membership List information we put online. We will add the 1966 list in 2016, and so on. Please note that this is an on going project and we will add more information as time permits.

We have also added a complete list of Temple Lodge, No.33 Principal Officers from 1899 to the Present Day.

Some More Historical Research Resources

For historians and other researchers, we have added the following pages to this site:

For those interested in additional research on Freemasonry and Masonic history, the Grand Lodge of B.C. & Yukon website has an excellent Introduction To Freemasonry as well as sections on Masonic History in B.C. and Masonic History in general.

For those interested in further research on local history, we have included a list of recommended books by local authors. We also recommend the Cowichan Valley Museum, the Cowichan Valley Archives (located in Duncan City Hall) and the Cowichan Historical Society.

Thomas Pitt as District Deputy Grand Master, circa 1918
Thomas Pitt as District Deputy Grand Master, circa 1918 (photo copyright Temple Lodge, No.33)

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