Here are some videos on some topics which may be of interest to Masons or prospective Freemasons.

First, here are some videos from Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1 in Victoria and from the Grand Lodge of Texas which explains the basic ideas behind Masonry.

Here is a video of a private tour of Freemasons Hall in London. The tour guide gives a lot of information about Masonic symbolism and history. Note: it starts with a lengthy sit down interview before moving on to the actual tour:

Here is a presentation about the relationship between Masonic Initiation and the Church of Latter Day Saints’ Initiation ritual:

An academic lecture on Jews In English Freemasonry by historian Dr. Aubrey Newman:

Here is a video on Early Scots Masonry And The Scottish Rite:

Here is a 1960’s movie about Freemasonry, narrated by Lowell Thomas, who was a Freemason:



Here is a video of a speech by Alonza Tehuti Evans, sponsored by the Library of Congress, on the Social Impact of Prince Hall Freemasonry 1825-1900:

Music has also had a role in Freemasonry. Here’s a video on the History of Masonic Music:

This is an excellent NOVA documentary called Building The Great Cathedrals. It has a lot of fascinating information but check out the Biblical based proportions of Solomon’s Temple on which the documentary says these cathedrals were based:

This is episode 1 of a documentary series, called Secrets of the Castle, about a 25 year project to build a medieval castle. Among other things, it contains some very interesting Operative examples of stone masons’ tools and techniques upon which some Masonic allegories are based.

Here’s Episode 2

Here’s Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

This is an excellent video called Great Cathedral Mystery about the construction of Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence. It has some very interesting examples of Operative Masonry:

The Temple of Solomon is central in Freemasonry. Here is a video of a tour beneath the Temple Mount with an Israeli archaeologist:

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