Freemasons in good standing are always welcome as visitors to Temple Lodge, No.33.

Temple Lodge. No. 33 considers welcoming visiting Brethren to our Lodge and visits by our members to other Lodges to be fundamental in promoting Masonic fraternal fellowship and brotherhood. For those wishing to visit other Masonic Lodges, here is a list of Cowichan Valley Masonic Lodges and a list of Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges.

Temple Lodge, No. 33 Regular Meetings are at 7:30 p.m. at the Duncan Masonic Temple, 163 Canada Avenue, on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted in our monthly Communication. Other Temple Lodge, No.33 events are listed in the Vancouver Island Masonic Event Calendar.

For those unfamiliar with the Duncan Masonic Temple, here is a map:

It would be much appreciated if first time visitors who are not known to Temple Lodge, No. 33 members could arrive at least half an hour before the start of our meeting in order for the proper introductions and formalities to be completed. Please note that Temple Lodge, No. 33 is in Darkness during the months of July and August.

For first time visitors, advance notice of your intended visit is appreciated but is not mandatory. First time visitors who are not known by Temple Lodge, No. 33 members will be asked to present a current dues card from their own Lodge as proof of their current membership in good standing.

Our Lodge Secretary, Brother Ron Coulter, may be contacted by e-mail at

Demitted Brethren from other Lodges are welcome as Visitors to Temple Lodge, No.33 but we will ask to see a valid Demit Certificate.

For Brethren visiting from outside the Duncan and Cowichan Valley area we will be including a separate page for Visiting Duncan and the Cowichan Valley with recommendations for recreation, accommodation, restaurants, shopping, tours (both walking and driving) and other businesses and services you may find useful or necessary during your stay.

Brethren who have moved, or are planning to move, to the Cowichan Valley are very welcome to visit Temple Lodge, No. 33. If you decide you would like to affiliate with Temple Lodge, No. 33, we will be happy to give you a Petition For Affiliation.

We look forward to seeing you.

For those Brethren interested in visiting other Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges, here is a map of the Vancouver Island Masonic Lodge buildings:


Here Are Some Recent Visiting Brethren from other Grand Lodges visiting at Temple Lodge, No.33:

W Bro. Mark Hall – Lodge of the Liberal Arts, Auckland, New Zealand;

Bro. David Scandrett – St. James Lodge #80, White Rock, B.C.;

Bro. Andy Cooper – Keith Lodge, No.17, Halifax, Nova Scotia;


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