Historic Membership Lists of Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges

Vancouver & Quadra Lodge No. 2
Victoria, B.C.

1890 to 1899

The lists for 1890 to 1897 are UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Regular Meetings were held on the third Wednesday of each month and on the Festival of St. John the Evangelist (27 December)


Charles E. Stallard – Worshipful Master; Robertson, F. V. – Senior Warden; Horne, Thos. H. – Junior Warden; Lovell, J. B. – Treasurer; Berry, Francis – Secretary; Glover, Geo., (P.M.) – Dir. of Ceremonies; Edward Burness Paul – Senior Deacon; Shaw, James – Junior Deacon; Heistermann, B. S. – Steward; Drake, Richard – Steward; Pope, W. F. C. – Inner Guard; Stockham, F. (non-member) – Tyler; Parsell, William N. – Organist.


William Dalby (P.G.M.); Dow, Q. A.; Erskine, A. B.; James Allen Grahame; Eli Harrison, Sr. (P.G.M.); Eli Harrison, Jr.; Robert Burns McMicking (P.G.M.), ; Miller, J. W.; Alexander Roland Milne (P.G.M.); Alexander Maxwell Muir; Netherby, S. B.; Phillips, J. E.; Dixi Harrison Ross; Thompson, M. H.; Walter, Henry; Wilson, David (P.G.M.).


Anderson, D. H.; Anderson, John; Anderson, Wm. A.; Austin, H. J.; Bullen, W. P. T.; Bucknam, S. W.; Bragg, W. T.; Bryce, Jas.; Blackwood, Jas.; Bragg, Ed.; Butler, J. W.; Calbreath, J. C.; Cunningham, Robert; Coigdarrippe, John; Cox, C. N.; Cutler, M. F.; Campbell, Chas.; Campbell, John Jas.; Chestnay, W. R; Challoner, W. L.; Thomas Catterell; Clayton, G. L.; Arthur William Currie; Rev. John Campbell, ; Dawley, F. J.; Dillon, C. F.; Dinsdale, Robert; Ercole, Dominique; Fletcher, Cecil; Forman, Jas.; Gregg, F. T.; Gustafson, Olaf; Gregory, F. B.; Haynes, W.; Heron, Robert; Hunter, Jas.; Henderson, Thos.; Harris, C. F.; Hayward, Chas.; Henderson, Anton; Hall, Ernest; Harrison, S. G.; Irving, P. X.; Jones, W. H.; Jackson, Archibald; Simon Leiser; Lismore, Jos.; Madden, Jehr; Meyer, Wm.; Magnesen, Alf.; Magnesen, T. M.; Macintosh, C. W.; Macintosh, Robert; McLennan, John; McDougall, Edwin; McAfee, Andrew; McKenzie, A. M.; Newman, A.; Orniston, George; Orr, John T.; Owen, W. D.; Paterson, John; Pascoe, W. H.; Phillips, John; Robert P. Rithet; Ruckle, Henry; Ross, Adam; Robertson, G. W.; Randolph, I. I.; Roberts. Samuel R.; Steele. Peter; Shaw, Thos.; Shaw, Richard; Sinclair, Duncan; Scott. H. I.; Smith, A. E.; Sinclair, Temple F.; Turner, J. H.; Tolmie, Andrew; Turpell, Wm.; Taitt, Leonard; Williams, John; Walkley, Arthur; Walter, A.


Borns, Walter; Hughes, W. Ottis; Lang, A. D.; McCullough, Henry; Miller, Eugene P.; Morrison, Richard; Parsons, C. W.; Piper, Chas. T. W.; Stewart, Alex.; Wade, A. E.


Bishop, George


McKenzie, A. W.

The list for 1899 is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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