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Premiers Of British Columbia

John Herbert Turner (1833-1923) was a member of Vancouver & Quadra Lodge No. 2 in Victoria. He had previously been a member of Victoria Lodge No. 2 in Charlottetown, PEI and was a Charter Member of Vancouver Lodge No. 421, SR, a Lodge chartered in Victoria under the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1869.

Following the creation of the Grand Lodge of B.C. in 1871, Vancouver Lodge No. 421 was merged with Quadra Lodge to form Vancouver & Quadra Lodge No. 2, which is still in operation in Victoria.

John Herbert Turner dimitted from Vancouver & Quadra Lodge No. 2 in 1901.

John Herbert Turner was leading figure in Victoria business as a principal of the firm of Turner Beeton & Co., which operated on Wharf Street. One of the buildings occupied by Turner, Beeton & Co. is still standing at 1244 Yates Street, which was designed in 1882 by John Teague, a member of Victoria-Columbia Lodge No. 1 in Victoria.

He served as Premier of British Columbia and Leader of the Opposition in the B.C. Legislature.

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John Herbert Turner is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in London, U.K.

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