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James Osman Slade Young


Temple Lodge, No. 33 records show James Osman Slade Young, born in 1888; Occupation: farmer in Somenos, B.C.; a Master Mason of Coronation Lodge, No. 2923, G.R.E., proposed for Affiliation in Temple Lodge, No. 33 in 1911 by Worshipful Brother Thomas Pitt and Brother John Henry Peterson.

According to the Temple Lodge, No. 33 Minute Book, “Petitions were presented and read as follows, namely:

From Bro. James Osman Slade Young for membership by Affiliation, accompanied with a certificate from the Wor. Master and Secretary of Coronation Lodge, No. 2023, G.R.E., (Liverpool) that said Bro. Young had been regularly initiated, passed and raised and is clear on the books of the Lodge. Bro. Young further exhibited his M.M certificate issued to him by the United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of England, dated the 15th day of February 1910. Petitioner, Bro. Young, states that he is born at Boothe, Liverpool, England, his age is 23 years, His occupation, farmer, and his residence, Somenos, B.C. Moved by Wor. Bro. J.M. Campbell, seconded by Bro. MacMillan, that the petition be received and the usual investigating committee appointed. Carried. The Wor. Master appointed as such committee Bros. J.Islay Mutter, Dr. Watson Dykes and K.F. Duncan.”

A favourable ballot was held on 11 March 1911 and Brother James Osman Slade Young became a member of Temple Lodge, No. 33 by Affiliation. He remained a Master Mason of Temple Lodge until being killed in action in October 1917.

[Source: Temple Lodge, No. 33 records.]

Here is the local newspaper report of Brother Young’s death:

“Pte. James Osman Slade Young, fourth son of Colonel and Mrs. T.F. Young, Victoria, and nephew of Miss Young, Somenos, was killed in action on October 30th.

Born in England, he was educated at Trent College and Liverpool College. He came out to Cowichan some seven years ago and after working with Mr. (Now Sergt.) F.A. Jackson at Somenos Lake for a time, he farmed for himself on the property formerly occupied by Mr. P. Murchison and now by Mr. Hastings, and known as ‘Inchigeela,’ Tyee Siding.

He joined the 88th Regiment soon after war broke out and was taken on the strength of the 62nd Bn.  at Vernon in August 1915. He proceeded to England in the following October and was speedily at the front. About a year ago he was badly wounded and, in fact, had not been long back at the front when he was killed. He was in a machine gun section.”

[Source: Cowichan Leader, 15 November  1917]

Here is a link to Commonwealth War Graves Commission Information On Brother James Osman Slade Young.

 Brother Young was killed in action on 30 October 1917. The primary action Canadians were involved in on that date was at Passchendaele, so it is possible that Brother Young was killed at the Battle of Passchendaele, fought of the Western Front between 10 October- 12 November 1917.

Note: there appears to be some uncertainty and discrepancy in the records of Brother Slade’s Mother Lodge. Temple Lodge, No. 33 records show it as “Coronation Lodge, No. 2923, G.R.E. (Liverpool)” in our Ledger Book and as “Coronation Lodge, No. 2023, G.R.E., (Liverpool)” in our Minute Book.

United Grand Lodge of England records show a Coronation Lodge, No. 2930 in Lancashire East, which obtained its Warrant in 1902 but which was “erased” in 2008. We will do more research on this and post any information we uncover. For more information on Freemasonry in Liverpool, U,K,, check this link.

We will add more information on Brother Young as we uncover it.

Cenotaph, Charles Hoey Park, Duncan, B.C. The names of four Brethren of Temple Lodge, No.33 appear on the Cenotaph.
Cenotaph, Charles Hoey Park, Duncan, B.C. The names of four Brethren of Temple Lodge, No.33 appear on the Cenotaph. [Photo: Temple Lodge No. 33 Historian]
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