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Matthias Kirkwood McMillan (died 1953, aged 71) was a Past Master of Temple Lodge, No. 33. He was Initiated an Entered Apprentice on 22 January 1910. He served as Junior Warden, 1914; Senior Warden, 1915, and Worshipful Master, 1916.

Matthias Kirkwood MacMillan ( -1953), Worshipful Master of Temple Lodge, No.33 in 1916
Matthias Kirkwood MacMillan (circa 1882 -1953), Worshipful Master of Temple Lodge, No.33 in 1916 (photo copyright Temple Lodge, No.33)

A house built for Matthias MacMillan in Duncan circa 1912 is still standing at 1081 Holmes Street in Duncan, B.C..

1081 Holmes Street, built circa 1912 for Matthias Kirkwood McMillan
1081 Holmes Street, built circa 1912 for Matthias Kirkwood McMillan

Here is some biographical information about Matthias Kirkwood MacMillan taken from various sources:

First, here is the record of Matthias Kirkwood MacMilland’s Initiation in Temple Lodge, No.33 on 22 January 1910:

“….the purpose for which this Emergency Communication had been called was to initiate Mr. Matthias Kirkwood MacMillan in the Entered Apprentice Degree.

Mr. Matthias Kirkwood MacMillan having been duly prepared was conducted into the Lodge, received and initiated in due and ancient form in the Entered Apprentice Degree, and, together with the Bros. Entered Apprentices G.H. Hadwin and Wm. Dingwall present, was instructed in the lectures on the Chart appertaining to this Degree……

…….fraternal greetings and felicitations were extended to the W.M. and the Lodge by the visiting Brethren present, namely: W. Bro. D.E. Kerr, of Corinthian Lodge, No. 27, Rossland, B.C.; Bro. James McLeod of St. Andrew’s Lodge, No. 13, Prince Edward Island, Canada; W. Bro. Thomas Van Norman of Verulam Lodge, No. 268, Ontario, Canada, and Bro. Wm. E. Archer of Tarrelton Lodge, No. [illegible in original], Sidney, Australia.

The W.M. extended to each of the visiting Brethren a hearty welcome and an invitation to again visit the Lodge whenever the opportunity made it convenient for them to do so, for which each of the brethren returned thanks…….”

(Source: Temple Lodge, No.33 Minute Book, Emergent Meeting of 22 January 1910)

Here is his 1953 obituary:

“Macmillan – Matthias Kirkwood Macmillan, age 71, died at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Victoria, on Monday.

Born at Beaudelaire Island, Bras d’or Lake, N.S., he came to B.C. in the early days and was assistant to Mr. J.H. Hemsworth at the store at Mt. Sicker. When the mine closed, Mr. Macmillan joined the firm of Pitt and Peterson in Duncan, and later the Cowichan Merchants.

From 1918 to 1929 he was in partnership with Mr. Bruce Powel in the men’s clothing business.

For a short while Mr. Macmillan was in the import business with Mr. W.C. Tanner, in Vancouver. He came back to Vancouver Island and has lived at Metchosin until recently moving in to Victoria. He retired from business almost two years ago.

Surviving are his wife Beatrice at home; one son, Hubert M., in Victoria; three daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Wrotnowski, Deep Cove; Mrs. Gladys Smith, Tofino, and Miss Gail Macmillan, at home.

The funeral was held yesterday from Hayward’s funeral chapel, followed by cremation. “

Source: Cowichan Leader, 24 December 1953 – from Cowichan Valley Museum & Archives collections)

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