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Royal Oak Burial Park – Saanich, B.C.

Royal Oak Burial Park is located at 4673 Falaise Drive, Saanich, B.C.

Here is a list of Freemasons we know to be buried in Royal Oak Burial Park (note: this list is not complete)

  1. William Percy AYLWARD (1895-1984) Police Officer – Temple Lodge No. 33
  2. David Herbert BALE (1867-1945) – Builder and contractor – Vancouver & Quadra Lodge No. 2
  3. Alexander DALLAS (died 1924) –  Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1 and St. James’ Operative Lodge No.97, Edinburgh, Scotland
  4. Vaughan McPHERSON GALBRAITH – Temple Lodge No. 33
  5. Herbert LEISER (died 1953) – Henderson Lodge No. 84, Gizeh Shriners
  6. William James RENNIE – (died 1940) Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1. Owner of the Imperial Bakery
  7. Edward Godfrey RODELL (died 1927, aged 57) – Henderson Lodge No. 84
  8. Andrew SHERET (1870-1947) – Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1. Founder of Andrew Sheret Ltd.
  9. Matthew B. WELLBURN (1871-1969) – Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1. Founder of Wellburn’s Grocery, 1058 Pandora Avenue.

Here is a map showing the location of Royal Oak Burial Park, 4673 Falaise Drive, Saanich, B.C.:

Here is a Google Street View image of the Royal Oak Burial Park entrance at 4673 Falaise Drive, Saanich, B.C.:

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