Buildings Associated With Temple Lodge Members

The Duncan & Christmas Heritage Mall is located at 149 Canada Avenue, Duncan, B.C., immediately adjacent to the Duncan Masonic Temple building at 163 Canada Avenue.

Duncan and Christmas Heritage Mall, 149 Canada Avenue, Duncan, B.C.
Duncan and Christmas Heritage Mall, 149 Canada Avenue, Duncan, B.C. The Duncan Masonic Temple is on the right of the photo.

In the 1920s and early 1930s this building was used by Kenneth Duncan (1881-1952) and his business partner, Herbert W. Dickie (who was also a member of Temple Lodge, No.33), as their business premises for their insurance and financial services partnership, Dickie & Duncan Ltd.

The Dickie & Duncan partnership was dissolved in 1936 when Herbert Dickie formed his own company, H.W. Dickie Ltd. and Wilfred Christmas entered into partnership with Kenneth Duncan under the name Duncan & Christmas Ltd. Kenneth Duncan and Wilfred Christmas remained business partners until Wilfred Christmas’ death in 1950.

The current name of the building is derived from Kenneth Duncan‘s business partnership, Duncan & Christmas Ltd. which lasted from 1936 to 1950.

Herbert W. Dickie died in 1949 but his business, H.W. Dickie Ltd., continued until 1999, when it was purchased by the Pacific Coast Credit Union.  Over the years H.W. Dickie Ltd. operated in various locations in downtown Duncan, including 70 Government Street (built in 1922 for Temple Lodge, No.33 member Charles B. Mains). In the late 1950s, a division of H.W. Dickie Ltd. was based in the Duncan & Christmas Heritage Mall.

Kenneth F. Duncan, circa 1920
Kenneth F. Duncan, circa 1920 (Photo courtesy of City of Duncan)

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