James Spaulding Gibson was a Charter Member of Temple Lodge, No.33 in December 1899.

In December 1899, 14 Freemasons in Duncans (as Duncan was then known) Petitioned the Grand Lodge of B.C. for Dispensation to form a new Lodge of Freemasons. That Dispensation was duly granted. See our Formation of Temple Lodge page for more information.

One of the fourteen Charter Members of Temple Lodge in December 1899 appears in our records as James S. Gibson, a member of California Lodge, No.1, under the Grand Lodge of California.

Through the Grand Lodge of B.C. & Yukon, we contacted the Grand Lodge of California seeking more information about James S. Gibson.

Unfortunately, many of the Grand Lodge of California‘s early records were destroyed in the fires which devastated much of San Francisco following the 1906 earthquake so the surviving information is not extensive.

The Grand Lodge of California was able to tells us that James Spaulding Gibson appears in their records as an Entered Apprentice in California Lodge, No.1 in 1895. He is listed as a Master Mason in Calfornia Lodge, No.1 in 1896, 1897 and 1898. His name disappears from the California Lodge, No.1 membership list in 1899 and the Grand Lodge of California has no further record of him.

We do not know James Spaulding Gibson’s movements between January 1899 and December 1899 when his name appears as a Charter member of Temple Lodge, No.33. Obviously he moved from California to Vancouver Island but we have no further information about his activities during that time period.

James Spaulding Gibson disappears from Temple Lodge, No.33 membership records circa 1907. We will do more research and post what we find.

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