Deceased Brethren

We are currently researching Dallas Gordon Perry, a deceased member of Temple Lodge, No.33.

From Temple Lodge, No.33 records we know the following:

A Petition for Initiation was received from Dallas Gordon Perry at the Regular Meeting of Temple Lodge, No.33 on 1 February 1902.

An Investigation Committee was appointed, consisting of James Evans, Andrew Peterson and Robinson Ventress. The Committee report was favourable so a ballot was held at the Regular meeting of Temple Lodge, No.33 on 5 April 1902.

Dallas Gordon Perry was duly elected a member of Temple Lodge, No.33 and was Initiated on 5 April 1902, Passed on 17 May 1902 and Raised on 7 June 1902.

We will post more information on Dallas Gordon Perry as we uncover it.

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