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William Harrison Ingram


Temple Lodge, No.33 records show William Harrison Ingram, born 1888; occupation: Bookkeeper; residence: Duncan, B.C.; proposed for membership in Temple Lodge by Brothers (later Worshipful Brothers) Kenneth F. Duncan (first Mayor of Duncan) and John H. Peterson. Brother Ingram was apparently a cousin of Brother Kenneth F. Duncan (see newspaper report below).

According to the Temple Lodge Minute Book, a petition from William Harrison Ingram was received at the Regular Communication of 12 August 1911 “for membership in Temple Lodge, No. 33 by Initiation. The applicant states that he was born at DunfanaghyDonegal County, Ireland on the 11th day of January, 1888, age 23 years. Resides at Duncan. His occupation: bookkeeper. An investigating Committee was appointed, comprised of W. Bro. Dobson, Wor. Bro. Campbell and Bro. Thomas Gibbins.”

A favourable ballot was held on 9 September 1911 and Brother Ingram became a member of Temple Lodge, No. 33 by Initiation. Brother Ingram did his Entered Apprentice degree on 21 October 1911, was Passed to a Fellow Craft on 29 November 1911 and Raised to a Master Mason on 3 January 1912.

He remained a Master Mason in Temple Lodge, No.33 until being killed in action in France on 24 April 1915.

Source: Temple Lodge, No.33 records

Here is the local newspaper report of Brother Ingram’s death:

“Among the missing who have not been noted here is Private W.H. Ingram, 7th Battalion, whose name was spelled wrongly in May 17th list. He hails from County Donegal, Ireland, and is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Duncan, Duncan. He came to Canada five years ago, spending a year in Vancouver before reaching Duncan, where for two years he was accountant with the Cowichan Merchants, Ltd. He then took up surveying, being employed by Messrs. H.N. Clague and J.B. Green.”

Source: Cowichan Leader, 27 May 1915

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Information On Brother Wiiliam Harrison Ingram.

Note: it is possible Brother Ingram was killed during the Battle of St. Julien, fought on the Western Front on 24 April – 4 May 1915. This battle is particularly notable as it was the first time poison gas was used against Canadian troops. Brother Ingram was killed in action on 24 April 1915, the first day of the Battle of St. Julien. We will do more research on this and post this information as it becomes available.

Cenotaph, Charles Hoey Park, Duncan, B.C. The names of four Brethren of Temple Lodge, No.33 appear on the Cenotaph.
Cenotaph, Charles Hoey Park, Duncan, B.C. The names of four Brethren of Temple Lodge, No.33 appear on the Cenotaph. [Photo: Temple Lodge No. 33 Historian]
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