Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges – Historic Membership Lists

United Services Lodge No. 24 was formed in Esquimalt, B.C. in 1895. It has since amalgamated to form United Peninsula Lodge No. 24 in Saanichton, B.C.

The list for 1895 is under construction


Meetings were held on the first Wednesday of each month.


A.C. Muir – Worshipful Master; J.J. Beatley – Senior Warden; H.J. Geake – Junior Warden; Frederick James Bailey – Secretary; Rev. Cato Ensor Sharp – Chaplain; W. Barber – Director of Ceremonies; W. Tuck – Senior Deacon; J.D. Tyrrell – Junior Deacon; A. ramsey – Steward; W.H. Bonner – Steward; Charles Nokes – Inner Guard; Charles Hammond – Tyler; B.J. Price – Organist; A.E. Fox – Asst. Director of Ceremonies


George Hickey


J. Andrews; R.T. Bainbridge; H. Berry; A.S. Brown; H. Collingwood; R.C. Cleave; Edward Conway; John F. Day; J.W. Doddridge; T. Downs; William Fuller; G.W. Genner; William S. Goodwin; H.E. Hammond; M.H. Hammond; W.J. Hayman; I.J. Henwood; James Isbister; Hugh Logan; J. Milligan; W.A. Mills; R.E. Olford; W.B. Paul; G.H. Partington; G. Phillips; T. Piper; Will A. Slow; H.J. Verral; T.W. Wimble; James W. Wrate


W.H. Bliss; W.F. Chalmers; F.E. Eades; A. Emptage; William G. Fayrer; William A. Gillies; Charles Glen; W.J. Hoare; J. Hopking; J. Hughes; W. Lyne; D. McKnight; A. McLellan; W. Norton; W. H. Nye; R. Price; William Scott; S.C. Siggers; G.W. Sims; J. Smyth; J.T. Stroud; J.A. Williams

[Note: United Services No. 24 was a military Lodge and the high number of demits may be due to military transfers and re-postings]

The lists for 1897-1899 are under construction

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