Historic Membership Lists of Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges

For historians, genealogists and other researchers we are gradually putting the Historic Membership Lists of Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges online. In order to conform with current privacy legislation, the membership lists we put online will be at least 50 years old.

Here are the Historic Membership Lists of Malahat Lodge, No. 107, Mill Bay, B.C., for 1940 to 1949.


Mill Bay, V.I, B.C.

Regular Meetings were held on the third Thursday of each month, at 8 p.m., except the months of June and July.



Van Valkenburg, Sterns Jerome – Wor. Master; Perrins, Arnold Mansfield – Senior Warden; Fox, Albert Herbert – Junior Warden; Brunt, Renard Roy – Treasurer; Green, John Stanley Reeve – Secretary; Hughes, Samuel Rex, (P.M.) – Chaplain; Mendum, Alfred John – Senior Deacon; Thomas, Robert –  Junior Deacon; Scales, William Henry – Dir. of Ceremonies; Lowe, Ralph – Organist; George Frayne  – Steward; Roberts, Earl Gordon – Steward; May, William – Inner Guard; Colvin, Magnus William – Tyler


Aitken, Robert M.; Burnett, Edwin A.; Barlow, Robert McD.; McIntosh, James H.; Oldham, Frank T.; Stewart, Hugh McG.; Tomlinson, Fred


Alexander, Donald H.; Anderson, William C.; Barlow, John; Bell, William; Burnett, John E. K.; Cobb, William R.; Cummings, William J.; Draper, Cecil G.; Forster, Robert W.; Hargraves, John L.; Jeffrey, Wilfred D.; Knight, William A.; Lloyd, George W.; Lund, Lars A.; McEwan, Gordon; McLean, Norman L.; Matheson, Hugh N.; Motherwell, Andrew; Newton, Christopher H.; Oman, Frederick; Porter, James A.; Rathbone, John C.; Robertson, Ross; Scollard, George F.; Sharp, William B.


The lists for 1941-1949 are UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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