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The Ladysmith Cemetery is the only cemetery in Ladysmith, B.C. It is owned and operated by the City of Ladysmith.
The cemetery occupies a five acre site donated to the town of Ladysmith in 1904 by the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway on the condition the land be used as a cemetery.

The Vancouver Island Masonic History Project is currently aware of 14 deceased Brethren buried in Ladysmith Cemetery. Those names are listed below. This list is probably not complete and it is quite likely that future research will reveal more names to be added. We will add the names and grave sites of any additional Brethren we subsequently discover to be interred in Ladysmith Cemetery.

Here is a map showing the location of Ladysmith Cemetery:

Here is a Google Street View image showing the entrance to Ladysmith Cemetery on Christie Road:

Here is a list of the Freemasons we know to be buried in Ladysmith Cemetery:

  • Bauld, William – died 1957
  • Dabb. Owen William – died 1948
  • Davidson, James – died 1921
  • Gillespie, John – died 1910
  • Kerr, Archibald – died 1922
  • Mercer, Hugh Richmond – died 1955
  • Nimmo, Archibald McLean – died 1934
  • Nimmo, James Pollock – died 1947
  • Thomas, John J. – died 1912
  • Valentine, Richard – died 1949
  • Wanless, John L. – died 1916
  • Watson, Joseph – died 1954
  • Watson, Robert Weir – died 1920

All the above were members of St. John’s Lodge No. 21. We will add links to pages about each individual as time permits.

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