John Aspinall Wadsworth (1882-1960) was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Fidelity Lodge, No.32 in 1938. He affiliated with Temple Lodge, No.33 in June 1951.

Here is what we presently know about John Aspinall Wadsworth from Temple Lodge, No.33 records:

  • Born 1882
  • Initiated, Passed and Raised in Fidelity Lodge, No.32 in 1938
  • Affiliated with Temple Lodge, No.33 on 12 June 1951
  • Died 28 April 1960, aged 78

Temple Lodge, No.33 held an Emergent Meeting on Saturday, 30 April 1960 to conduct John Aspinall Wadsworth’s funeral at St. John’s Anglican Church, Duncan. The pallbearers were John Homer, Elvin Waldie, E.A.B. Sutton, Herbert W. Savage, Gordon Berry and R.L. Harper.

We will add more information about John Aspinall Wadsworth as we do more research.

In February 2019 we received the following information about John Aspinall Wadsworth and his family from Robert A. Wadsworth, a descendant:

  • Burial Place St Thomas Churchyard, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England (With his Mother) 1883
  • Birth: November 29, 1882 of John Aspinall Wadsworth at Greenfield Rd., Stansty Township, Wrexham, Denbighshire Wales – Father, Frederick William Wadsworth, Mining Engineer. Mother Frances (Skelton) Wadsworth
  • Fred W Wadsworth Head 31 Land & Mineral Surveyor Born 1860 Chesterfield Derbyshire; Frances Wadsworth Wife 31 Born 1859 Holme Huntingdonshire; John A Wadsworth Son 8 Scholar Born 1882 Wrexham Denbighshire Wales
  • Fred W Wadsworth Son 4 Scholar Born 1886 Wrexham Denbighshire Wales; Alfred Ed Wadsworth Son 2 Born 1889 Wrexham Denbighshire Wales; Dorothy Wadsworth Dau 1 Born 1890 Wrexham Denbighshire Wales 1901
  • William Deakin Wadsworth Jr Head 31 Land & Mineral Surveyor Born 1870 Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Jannett D Wadsworth Wife 42 Brown Stoneware Mfg Born 1859 London, Middlesex
  • John Aspinall Wadsworth New 19 Asst Pottery Mgr (Nephew) Born 1883 Wrexham, Wales Mary Hilda Knowles SDau 9 Step Daughter Born 1892 Brampton, Derbyshire Alice Maud Green Ser 21 Domestic Servant Born 1880 Derby, Derbyshire
  • 1904 Marriage: December 26, 1904 of John Aspinall Wadsworth and Helena Hoskin at St Thomas Church Brampton Chesterfield, Derbyshire
  • Marriage: 1904  John Aspinall Wadsworth to Helena Hoskin
  • May 26/06 1905 Emigrated to Canada May 1905 and joined the accountancy department of the Grand Trunk Railway at Stratford, Ontario, Canada (see Canadian Passenger list 1865-1935 John Wadsworth age 19 arrived March 26, 1905 arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Parisian departed Liverpool & Londonderry Ireland, or Tunisian John Wadsworth age 21 Montreal Oct 26, 1906

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