John Aspinall Wadsworth (1882-1960) was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Fidelity Lodge, No.32 in 1938. He affiliated with Temple Lodge, No.33 in June 1951.

Here is what we presently know about John Aspinall Wadsworth from Temple Lodge, No.33 records:

  • Born 1882
  • Initiated, Passed and Raised in Fidelity Lodge, No.32 in 1938
  • Affiliated with Temple Lodge, No.33 on 12 June 1951
  • Died 28 April 1960, aged 78

Temple Lodge, No.33 held an Emergent Meeting on Saturday, 30 April 1960 to conduct John Aspinall Wadsworth’s funeral at St. John’s Anglican Church, Duncan. The pallbearers were John Homer, Elvin Waldie, E.A.B. Sutton, Herbert W. Savage, Gordon Berry and R.L. Harper.

No mention is made in Temple Lodge, No.33 records of a burial.

We will add more information about John Aspinall Wadsworth as we do more research.

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