Deceased Brethren

Ernest Lloyd Garner made a Petition for Affiliation to Temple Lodge No. 33 on 2 April 1926. It stated he was 50 years of age, had been been born in Stanford Township, Niagara Falls, Ontario, and had been Raised in a lodge in Welland, Ontario. Unfortunately we cannot read the name of the lodge but we will make inquiries to the Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario for more information.

On his Petition for Affiliation he gave his profession as “Physician & Surgeon”.

The Petition for Affiliation was accompanied by a Dimit from Elk River Lodge No. 35 dated 5 March 1926.

Ernest Lloyd Garner was sponsored for membership in Temple Lodge No. 33 by Lucien Brockway and Charles William O’Neill.

We will add more information as we do additional research.

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