Deceased Brethren

Lt. Colonel Arthur Christopher Sutton, D.S.O. sent a Petition For Affiliation to Temple Lodge No. 33 on 2 October 1945. His Petition stated he was a member of Victoria-Columbia Lodge No. 1 in Victoria, B.C. and had been Initiated in Saskatchewan Lodge No. 16, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Raised in Victoria-Columbia Lodge No. 1.

It gave his age as 58; his occupation as “Government Agent” in Duncan and his address as P.O. Box 97, Duncan, B.C. His Petition For Affiliation was signed by Robert Hanson and William Bruce Powel.

A Committee of Investigation was appointed, consisting of Claude Green, Whittaker and Hanson. The Committee report was favourable and Arthur Christopher Sutton was elected to membership in Temple Lodge No. 33 on 11 December 1945.

Lt. Colonel Sutton had a very distinguished record in the First World War, rising from Private to Lt. Colonel between 1914 and 1917.

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