Deceased Brethren

Algernon Ralph Ashby made a Petition for Initiation to Temple Lodge No. 33 on 8 March 1913. His Petition states that he was born at Staines, England on 26 January 1886 and was employed in Duncan as an “Architect & Civil Engineer.”  On his Petition for Initiation he signed his name “A. Ralph Ashby” so it is likely he used this name in his professional life.

He was recommended for membership in Temple lodge No. 33 by George Franklin Tautz and William Mordaunt Dwyer. The Investigating Committee consisted of Ormond Towers Smythe, Thomas Gibbins and William Telford.

Algernon Ralph Ashby was duly elected to membership in Temple Lodge No. 33 and remained a member until his death several decades later.

We will add more biographical details as we do more research.


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