Houses Associated With Temple Lodge No. 33 Members

320 Herbert Street in Duncan was owned by Walter Maxwell Hudson (died 1970, aged 66) until his death in 1970, when it passed to his widow, who continued to live there for a number of years.

We will post a photo of the house in the near future.

Here is a map showing the location of 320 Herbert Street:

Long time Duncan residents recall that, every December, Walter Hudson used to put Christmas lights in a tall evergreen tree on his property. Since the tree was on a hill overlooking downtown Duncan, the Christmas lights were visible to a wide area around downtown Duncan and beyond.

We posted an article about Walter Hudson on a local Facebook page and received these responses from long time Duncan residents about the Hudson Christmas tree lights:

“As a kid you knew Christmas was around the corner when Hudsons lit up their tree.”

“I remember the tree and making an annual Christmas trip to drive around to see it lit up.”

“That tree was a highlight of Christmas time for me!”

” Yes, the tree was a highlight for many years, always loved it.”

We will post a photo of Walter Hudson’s Christmas tree in the near future.

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