For geneologists, historians and other researchers the VIMHP is placing the membership lists of Vancouver Island Masonic Lodges online. To avoid any potential conflict with current privacy legislation, our online lists are at least 50 years old.

Victoria-Columbia Lodge, No. 1 in Victoria B.C. is the oldest Masonic Lodge in the Province. It was originally chartered in 1858 by the Grand Lodge of England as Victoria Lodge, No. 1085.

Its membership lists contain some very well known names in the history of British Columbia and the city of Victoria. Here are links to the Victoria-Columbia Lodge, No.1 membership lists by decade:

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Regular Meetings are held on the First Thursday of every month.


Brett, Robert Emmett - Worshipful Master; Mason, C. D. - Senior Warden; Crocker, J. W. - Junior Warden; Clarke, Hardress – Treasurer; Oddy. B. S., (P. M.) – Secretary; Northcott, W. M., (P.M.) – Dir. of Ceremonies; Riddell, P.J. – Senior Deacon; Chipchase, R. - Junior Deacon; Tubman, T. – Steward; Greenwood, A. E. – Steward; Edwards, S.W. – Inner Guard; Stockham, F. – Tyler; Andrews, J. - Organist


Baker, Edgar Crow;  Belyea, A. L.; Cartmel, D.; Flint, A. St. George; Millar, Jas.; McKeown, Angus (P.G.M.); McGregor, M.; McFarland, G.; Pearson, T. B.; Pierey, J.; Parker, Jas.; Quinlan, W. J.; Russell, G. S.; Richardson, W. A.; Salmon, E. J.; Salmon, H. L.; Shotbolt, Thomas; Stewart, A.; Teague, John; Trounce, Thomas; Weiler, John; Williams, B.; Williams, Frederick (P.G.M.); Williams, B.;


Arthur, Wm.; Angus, J. K.; Blackwood, E. E.; Brown, T.H.; Bostock, H.; Carse, Wm.; Croft, H.; Campbell, D.; Creech, W.; Church, J. E.; Curran, W. D.; Carthew, J. A.; Cameron, Allan; Courtney,G. L.; Court, S. C.; Dodds, Thomas; Draney, Robert; Dean, John; Danby, W.H.; Davy, John; Esnouf, R. B.;  English, Robert; Ellis, W. H.; Elliott, J. G.; Fraser, R. L.; Flumerfelt, Alfred C.; Guns, T. S.; Greenhalgh, S.; Gilchrist, W. L.; Gutmann, M.; Hollins, J. M.; Hall, John; Hobbs, F. V.; Holland, J.; Jeffcott, J. E.; Johnson, E. E. C.; Kelly, S. L.; Ker, David Russell; Langley, E.; Lindsay, J. A.; Munro, G. E.; Mesher, George Charles; Mesher, George; Malette, C. E.;  Milne, Dr. George Lawson; Martin, A. C.; Munn, H. A.; Mable, W. J.; Murray, W.; Moffatt, J.; Martin, Archer; McCahill, M.; McNiven, A.; McCandless, A. G.; McKenzie, W. G.; McTavish, G. L.; McKilligan, J. B.; Nicholson, J.; Northcott, J. A.;  Nicholson, Thos.; Nicholles, J.; Phillips, A.; Prossor, T. H.; Prevost, W. L.; Payne, G. F.; Ross, H. G.; Rosteen, J.;  Renouf, C. E.; Shaw, W. H.; Saunders, H.; Stanton, H.; Sinclair, R.; Sumerton, R. H.; Speed, J. W.; Sheppard, H. W.; Sharp, K.; Schmidt, G.; Spicer, N.; Trickey, W.; Tulk,C.J.; Townsend, N. F.; Toneri, Peter E.; Turtle, W.; Whittaker, W.; Wonger, J.; Wickens, E. G.; Williams, W.T.


Colthart, J.; Knight, George


Brown, Douglas; Clarke, J. S.; Williams, W.H.



Christie, G. D.; Davidson, A. A.


Sheehan, D.


Jones, John; Kettle, W. H.; Martin, J. T.; Nookes, Jas.; Levy, J. L.; Salmond, S.; Wills, Albert.


Nicholles, John.



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